Attorney Investigations Online

Game version: v0.3.2

Do you think AO doesn't satisfy you enough?
Tired of being fixed to desks?
Have you dreamed of navigating around the game world, like in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, while still playing online?
want to erp in an unique, different way? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Well, your dream's come true, because we bring you: Attorney Investigations Online!*

* this game is not affiliated with the AO team


Game version: v0.3.2

Download the full AIO v0.3.2 game here.
NOTE: this game is still in an early development phase. Any bugs you find or questions you have, please read the Known Issues and FAQ sections at the bottom of this page.


The Client

After you start the game, this will be the first thing you'll see. This is the server list menu.

1. The server list

This is the list of available servers you can join. Click a server to show information about it in the description.

2. Description

This text at the right of the window is a description of the server you've selected. It usually describes what kind of server it is, and non-vanilla servers put links to their custom content here. It's always a good habit to check the description before joining those (especially in AO).

3. Refresh/All servers/Favorites list/News/Join IP address


Click this to update the server list.

All servers/Favorites list/tabs

Click one of these to switch between your favorite servers, the game's public servers, and news about the game.

Join IP address...

Click this button to manually enter the "IP address" of the server you wish to join. This is normally for advanced users.

4. Add to favorites/Connect

Click on either of these to add the selected server to your favorites list, or to join it.

5. Settings icon

Opens the settings dialog where you can change certain aspects of the game.

Choosing a character

This will be the first thing that you'll see after you join a server. All you have to do is click the character of your preference, or click "Disconnect" to return to the server list.


Once you pick your character, you're ready to hop in on the fun. Here's a quick overview of the controls: Use the W, A, S and D keys to move, and the SHIFT key to run.
Now, let's analyze what we have here...

1. Game Screen

The game screen is basically where all the action happens in the game and player sprites are visible, as well as the game camera following your character.
Clicking somewhere on the game screen will make your character look at that direction.

2. Chat box

This little transparent box below the game screen is the chat box. It is where messages sent by other players (or you) appear. It works just like on AO: One message will appear after another, and will be recorded on the Chat History. (4)

3. Music button

This button at the bottom right corner will show or hide the music list. The music list on AIO works just exactly as the music list on AO, so you should feel right at home.

4. Chat History button

This tiny little button with a chat bubble is the Chat History button. You can click this button to show all the messages that appeared on the Chat box and click it again to hide it.

5. Court Record button

Click this button to toggle the Court Record, where the evidence for the current zone you are in is saved. You can add, edit, delete or present evidence from within this menu.

6. OOC button

This button will toggle the OOC (Out-Of-Character) chat. You can chat with other players without interrupting ongoing cases, or use server commands. Available server commands will be shown just in a few moments.

7. Volume sliders

They adjust the volume for the three elements in the game: Music, sounds, and chat blips.

The Emotion Bar

This is the most important thing to know, especially on AO. There are a few key things you should know about it:

1. Emote Buttons

If you've played AO, you might already know what these do, except there's a catch. If you haven't played AO, go play it first I'll explain in detail what it is. Basically, these tiny rectangles with faces all over them are called the Emote Buttons. On AO, you click one of those rectangles to set your player's "expression" to go along with your chat message. The difference in AIO's Emote Buttons is that the emote plays instantly the moment you click it.

2. Page buttons, color & Switch/Move/Examine

The page buttons, located on the left and right corners of the Emotion Bar, are basically to switch between emotion pages. If your character has more than 24 emote buttons, you can use these to find more emotes. The button with three multi-colored "A"'s, right next to the right Page button, can be used to switch your chat color that will be displayed on the Chat box. You can switch between white, green, red, orange, blue, yellow, rainbow, cyan and pink.

The white color is used for general talking. The green color, in AAI, is for key facts to keep in mind (Logic, from AAI) and cross-examination (Rebuttal, in AAI's case) text. Orange is used to talk about important, key facts (no, it was never red, it was actually orange) and testimony (or "Argument" in AAI) titles. Red is used for very important key facts, even though it's usually locked as an admin-only color to express authority or something. Blue is for thinking, and yellow is used when robots are talking. Rainbow, cyan and pink are colors from AO 2.6.

3. Move/Switch/Examine

To change your character, or disconnect from the server, simply click the Switch button to go back to the character selection screen. Thus, the emotion bar will be closed and you'll be able to pick another character of your preference, or disconnect.
As for the "Move" button, if you've ever played the AA games, you know what these do: simply click it to move to another location. A menu will pop up when you click it, showing several "zones" you can move to. (The zone list depends on which server you join.) Simply click one of the pop-up buttons to move to said zone.
The "Examine" button is a special case. Click it, and when you move your mouse around the Game Screen, a familiar blue rectangle-cross will show up. Click anywhere on the game screen to "Examine" that spot, or click the Examine button to turn it off.

The Music List

The music list in AIO works exactly as the AO music list, but there are a few differences. To open or close the music list in AIO, simply click on the "Music" button located at the bottom right corner of the game window. If you've never used the music list before, let me explain how it works.

When you open the music list, you'll see a bunch of red and green rectangles. A green rectangle means you have the song, while the red rectangle means you don't have said song, or it's a music section.

The music list in servers is mostly divided in sections (prelude, investigation, questioning...) for organization purposes. To play a song, double-click its' name.


The chat input line

Oh my, how did I end up explaining the most important key fact of AIO so much later?

Moving on...
This white rectangle just below the chat box and game screen is the Chat input line. This is where you actually write your chat message, then hit ENTER to send it.


The OOC, if you've played Attorney Online, works exactly the same as its' counterpart.

The list of available commands is as follows:

Show all commands available on the server.

/login <password>
Enter the RCON (remote console) password to become an admin. If you're hosting a server, The password is located on the "server\base.ini" text file, on the "rcon=" line. If it isn't there, you can create one. If you type this password incorrectly too many times, you will be kicked off the server. Never give this password to strangers!

/g <message>
This command sends a broadcast global message to all players on the server, no matter on which zone they're in. It's basically the same command from tsuserver3.

/need <text>
The same thing as tsuserver3, this sends a broadcast to all zones on the server specifying what you need.

See some data from all online players, such as their PID (player ID), character name, the zone ID they're at, and their IP address. This command only works if you're an admin.

/kick <PID> [reason]
If you're an admin, and someone is breaking the rules, use this to kick them off the server. To view player IDs, see the above command. Specifying the reason is not necessary, but it's recommended to always do so.

/ban <PID> <time format> [reason]
Kicks a player away from the server and prevents them from joining until the specified amount of time has passed.
The time format can be expressed like this:
5 or 5m = 5 minutes
1h = 1 hour
1d = 1 day
0 = permanent ban (be careful with this!)

/play <filename>
Admin only command. Plays song "filename" on your current area.

/warn <PID> <message>
Admin only command. Sends a warning to the specified player with the given message.

The amount of commands available on the server may vary.

v0.4 TODO

* Logic
* Logic Chess (from AAI2, but not sure if I should do this)
* "Close-up chat", specifically, this kind of chatting:

Known Issues

* Collisions with walls are not completely correct; you might get stuck in walls once or twice. You can even move through certain walls.


Q: How can I customize the game's theme?
A: For now, the only thing you can customize is the chat box. You can open the settings menu to change it.

Q: When I try to connect to a server, I get "Game version mismatch"...?
A: The server is running a different AIO version than you are. Try getting an update at if available, or check the server description if there is a download link for a custom client.

Q: I get a server on the list, but it says "Error connecting to master server".
A: The master server might be down at this moment. Try again later.

Q: What are these blue guys with yellow outlines? Why do I see them?
A: This is a player using custom content that you don't have. Try asking them for the character's files, or check the server description for a link.

Q: Where are the characters' idle animations stored?
A: It's in one file: "spin.gif". The first frame of that image is the player looking south, and the last, 8th frame of the image is the player looking southeast.

Q: Can I give a character a mugshot in the character selection screen?
A: This is optional since it automatically picks "spin.gif" for you, but in case if you really want a mugshot for your character, it must be named "char_icon.png", and must have a size of 64x64 pixels.

Well, that's all for now. Enjoy playing AIO!