Attorney Online

Attorney Online, abbreviated AO, is a roleplaying chatroom based primarily in the Ace Attorney universe. Sporting hundreds of player-made characters, court cases and abstract roleplays, AO has been a tight-knit community for well over 5 years.

We are always welcoming new additions to our community, if you'd like to learn more. Please check out our Discord server.


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New to AO? Don’t have an existing installation of AO? This is for you.

Running Mac? Use Wine. Wine lets you play Windows games natively without Boot Camp. Be sure you have the latest version of Wine (≥2.0.3)!

Running Linux? Try Wine: you may need the 32-bit mpg123 library, or else sound will not be functional.

Windows SHA-256: 7c4d369b0a76de86d3903ca746e374d5b18d6dedca9ef0a09c658ac2d2edfd0a

Linux SHA-256: f3f94a5823319c4e7a8048f52d882087c75638f4381c473d92def41b396bc0e5


Already have an existing install, and looking to update clients? Look here.

When prompted, overwrite all the ini files stored within the themes/default folder.




2.4.8 - SHA-256: 94c65ed97b1bd5b5ed3cc2668a3512a5742abe85987c27df38c8975b414d4556

LINUX SHA-256 - SHA-256: e8bc4c34f80588c472cff659a8bffeae7ac47c97a20832c337b59a9380d63a98


We are not to be confused with the similarly named Ace Attorney Online. Attorney Online is a place where you can RP with others in a courtroom drama environment.
Each server may have their own unique content pack that they use. If you look in the server description in the lobby, you may find the link to their downloads to get the pack.
This is a known issue with Microsoft Edge: you may be attempting to run the game from the browser cache. You must extract the archive to a folder of your choosing, such as your desktop.
Add an exception to your antivirus. False positives are very common on small software like ours, as most antivirus software these days use a reputation-based system.
Check your firewall or use the newest version of AO.

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