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2.6 released

AO 2.6 has been released! This release adds new features to the official client, including guilty/not guilty buttons, the ability to pair up with a co-prosecutor or co-defense on the same bench, a markup language for modifying text color and speed, as well as a settings dialog. Here is a full list of additions:

  • Overhauled theme
  • Guilty/not guilty buttons
  • Area menu
  • Pairing – Two characters can occupy the same position simultaneously using the “Pair” button.
  • The in-character message log now scrolls down by default (for performance reasons).
  • Markup language for inline colors and text speed
  • Custom in-character names
  • Non-interrupting preanimations
  • Extended area support
  • Extended case announcement support
  • Mod call reason
  • Settings dialog
  • Variable log limits
  • APNG and Opus content support
  • Animated backgrounds support
  • Custom audio device selection
  • IC export using /save_chatlog
  • Seance and juror positions

Both full and update versions have been linked on the home page, and if you have the experimental launcher, you should have already received an update notification.

I’ll be working to get the Linux version up on the website and the official server updated as well (once activity dies down a bit). In the meantime, please report back with any bugs that you may find.

Server owners and theme authors will need to make changes to support the new features, although old servers and themes will still work as usual.

Now for an important announcement…

Dear community,

A year and a half ago, I was unexpectedly thrown into this position following the departure of AO2’s creator. After being unexpectedly handed ownership of virtually everything, I was given an admin role, a community of 400 players to manage, and the responsibility to nurture three code bases.

During this relatively short period of time, the Discord server has grown to 3,800 members, various subcommunities have formed, a new website was created, and the master server has even been rewritten twice.

Despite these advances, however, I lack sufficient experience in roleplaying communities – and soon time commitment – necessary to continue propelling AO as a full-fledged staff member. I will remain in the background as I always have, answering technical questions and maintaining infrastructure when issues crop up, but I wish to leave the direction of AO to people more committed to take this responsibility.

From a personal perspective, developing for AO has been an incredible opportunity for me to accrue experience in all aspects of software development due to its large user base. But due to coursework getting in the way, I have been unable to uphold professional standards for the project – most especially releasing bug fixes in a timely manner (the gap between 2.4.10 and 2.6 was half a year!) – and I seek to return to smaller endeavors in personal projects to freshen my mind with new ideas. More specifically, I would like to refocus on working on AC (essentially a redesigned version of AO with a wider scope), in tandem with various small projects that pique my interest but have never found the time to work on them.

In conclusion, I will continue occasionally assisting in the background, but for now, I will be stepping down as admin for Attorney Online to refocus my energy.

Thanks for your continued support!