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Master server updates

In a few hours, I will be performing maintenance to the master server to move the entire server list to an actual database. During the very brief maintenance period (perhaps a few seconds), all players and servers will lose connection with the master server. After the maintenance is complete, players and servers will then reconnect automatically.

Reasons for the upgrade

  • “Zombie” servers can be removed easily without any problems.
  • It also allows me to perform further maintenance without needing to disconnect all players (hotswap ability).

What you’ll notice

  • Commands have been removed from the master chat because nobody was using them. (There weren’t many to use, either.)
  • The server list will be jumbled up again, but it should have most of the same servers as before.
  • Servers will be ranked by player count, and offline servers are placed at the bottom. Uptime is also factored into the rank as usual. But if I suspect any foul play with the player counts, I can penalize the server by bumping it down. For the most part, though, the ranking is automatic except for the designated entry point for new players (the unofficial official AO server). Just ask me if you want your server to be at the top for a little while, for instance if you are doing some kind of community event or case.

What you won’t notice

  • AO1 clients will continue to be supported as they are. I’m skeptical that anyone still even uses 1.7.5, but the support is there if anyone wants to make a nostalgia server.

Action you need to take

You do not need to take any action. If your server does not appear in the list, try restarting, or ask me and I will make an entry for you.