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2.6.2 released

As the AO2 client reaches a turning point in its lifecycle, development has returned – at least for the time being.

New developers have arrived: @likeawindrammer, who revealed a serious bug in the client code; @cents02; and @vintprox. Other old faces are @Pyraqq, who is still too timid to make any changes; @stonedDiscord, who decided to take up some bug fixes for webAO; and @OmniTroid, who still pops in and out for random changes.

After months of testing with one server, the launcher has finally been uploaded to our host and will be placed on the website once a space has been carved out for it.

In other news, a full refactoring of AO is currently underway; it has reached about the 50% mark. While it will break all themes and introduce a new host of bugs, it will make AO2 significantly more maintainable, open to features, and better prepared for a third installment. Even after the rewrite, AO2 cannot become AO3 until compatibility has been completely broken.

I’d also like to apologize for having never really posted 2.6.1 on the website – the manual release process is a painstakingly long process, and I don’t like doing it. I will try to fix the automation for releases again – my fear is that it might take me another entire day.

On another note, I’ve also been dabbling with tighter Discord integration. After paying for a $25 “developer license,” I was automatically granted authority to place AO2 on the Discord Store, although with a “coming soon” tag. Unfortunately, I might never be able to officially list AO on the Discord store, due to copyright restrictions and the fact that a “free” price tag will not bring Discord revenue from transactions. If I could rebrand it as Animated Chatroom for legal purposes, and offload the distribution of Capcom’s content to other entities (using a legitimate asset system), then it would be a different story… unfortunately, neither AC nor an asset system are possible at this exact moment.

Well, one must live in the present, and the present is to carry on with the refactoring. All of the changes made to AO in the past eight months (save the 2.7 branch) have been released in 2.6.2, which squarely sets the future of AO to the refactored version. It would be extremely unfortunate if I did not finish this before the beginning of classes.


  • Fixed a security vulnerability; see GHSA-7fpc-9xpq-pxq7
  • Fonts can now be customized with the theme – simply use widget_font = font_name
  • Fixed a relative path bug with evidence
  • Discord and BASS are now optional dependencies for building AO. If you are interested in developing for AO, all you need to do is follow the standard Qt installation – you do not need to follow the Rite of Passage. (Building custom clients statically is no longer endorsed – it is extremely time-consuming, prone to breaking, and causes headaches even for the initiated.)